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As you can see, this webpage about You Buy From Me is temporary. Part of multiple chapters long term strategy, phase 3 consist of publishing other villages/tours/websites/services like this You Buy From Me (dot com) but anything can happen in the meantime, thanks for your consideration.

Sapa is located in the Muong Hoa valley

Imagine being able to buy villagers products from things like : Get a pair of boots, change their clothes, see a dentist, get a new toothbrush, have a new t-shirt, and such basics needs most of families can not afford - That is "You Buy FOR Me" - Now, imagine clothes, basketwork, metal and wooden objects, jewellery, pottery, etc... ALL made locally according to techniques that are specific to an area or an ethnic group. These objects are still made today and soon to be yours, proposed on "You Buy From Me".


You Buy From Me opportunity

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The portfolio.

The portfolio.

Latest News
16 April 2014

Looking for a Sapa Homestay ?

We have been targeting this one for a long time and today is the day. We are proud to count as the latest addition in our portfolio. With all the current and future development of the tourism in Sapa area, this Sapa Homestay will for sure be one of the first to go or to be develop as this unique 7 years ols web property will ...

Latest News
08 Feb. 2014

Phan Xi Pang opportunity

Once completed, the Pan Xi Pang cable scheduled to be in operation in 2015 will be breaking 2 world records as the longest detachable ropeway system that has ever been built and the highest difference in elevation. All this happening in Lao Cai Province from Sa Pa town to the peak of Phan Xi Pang Mountain and soon to be discovered on

Latest News
25 Jan. 2014

Bat Sat in complement of Bat Xat

We are happy to announce today the addition of in our domain names portfolio, the name of a district from Lao Cai province next to Sapa. It is scheduled to become a tourists destination in the future and with our excusive Bat Xat and it seems obvious that a lot of people may be looking for Bat Sat on the internet not knowing the correct spelling is actually a X and not an S.

Latest News
26 Oct. 2013

Responsible Guide (dot com) founded its purpose in life.

Congratulations to an anonymous person who is fortunate enough to have the powerful web address RESPONSIBLE GUIDE at his disposal. Their project seems to be similar as the previous attempt made on that exclusive and we wish them good luck in their new adventures.

Latest News
22 August 2013

*NEW - Financing available

It is possible to reach to an agreement and use the Secure Domain Name Holding Services (a third party) in order for you to make a first payment, and can start enjoying the domain name portfolio immediately and become the owner when all payments are completed.

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15 July 2013

Try again with another proposal, thank you !

Hello, I know a domain name cost $15 per year and I would like to propose you to pay for the renewal fees only. I counted 65 website X15 = $975, will you accept $1000 per year for a 2 years period ? ... Hi, thanks for your message, we appreciate your offer but have to refuse it. The network generate this amount without any work so we better keep it. However, we would accept if that would be on a monthly basis (not annual) $1000 per month, not per year - for a 2 years contract, how that sounds to you ?

Latest News
24 June 2013

Why does this web portfolio is for lease ? Someone just asked us.

A person strongly influenced by a negative individual stopped communicating with us, leaving us with this wonderful web portfolio in our hands and since we have no plan to exploit it ourselves - We thought selling could be an option but but it is next to impossible as the majority does not realise the value of such priceless virtual real estate properties. We recently refused a $20,000 offer for the whole package ... alone is worth more than that ... We are also open to joint-venture ideas if you have a GREAT project, lets talk...

Latest News
13 May 2013

Hmong Shop (dot com) founded its purpose in life.

Congratulations to Crazy May who realized before everybody else the importance of a good web address to make business on the virtual world. She recently created her online shop but she hosted it on a free URL service, something like This little Hmong shop dot twit slash # thing !?! but she now have "Hmong Shop dot com" (lot more easier to remember) as her new home and we wish her many sales to come.

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